Dallas World Aquarium

The Best Marine and Rainforest Experience in Dallas

The ocean is still one of the Earth's biggest mysteries. Despite being surrounded by it, humanity has only explored a fraction of the world's waters. It makes up over 70% of the Earth's surface, and it runs incredibly deep. It can be considered a world of its own apart from the land and skies we see daily.

Another of Earth's many mysteries is the rainforests. It is reported that large portions of rainforests such as the Amazon rainforest are too dense and difficult for human exploration. The animals that inhabit it, former civilizations, and unknown plants are all waiting to be ventured into these areas.

The Dallas World Aquarium lets visitors experience what humans have explored in these areas already. The World Aquarium features habitat recreations of various rainforest dwellers and ocean inhabitants. You can explore these two vastly different worlds and interact with the animals and fish that live within them.

Rainforest Experience

A trip to the Dallas World Aquarium is one of the best events in Dallas for nature lovers. The exhibits you can explore show rainforests from all around the world.

Their Mundo Maya exhibit lets you see all the mammals and birds that hail from Mesoamerica. These include ocelots, eagles, and even pink flamingos. Children love seeing the fishes and frogs here, but they especially love the fan-favorite axolotls.

Their South American exhibit called the Orinoco is the best place for bird lovers and watchers in Dallas. This exhibit features many long-beaked birds and cute parrots. Another favorite in this area is their primates. The red-bearded saki is rare to see even in zoos, and their sloths are absolutely adorable.

Their South African exhibit is famous for its reptile and amphibian wildlife. It features many species of frogs, turtles, geckos, and chameleons. It is a personal favorite of reptile lovers.

The Borneo exhibit in the Dallas World Aquarium has a wide array of exotic birds for people to enjoy. They have penguins and different types of cockatoos on display in this exhibit. Visitors can expect it to be loud with birdsong.

The Aquarium

The aquarium in DWA is world-class even by any standards and is one of Dallas's best things to do. It features corals and sea creatures from all around the globe. It is a wonderful look into the aquatic world that humans rarely get to enjoy. Some fish in these exhibits even glow in the dark for an unbelievable experience. There is no other place you can get this experience in Dallas.

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