Dallas Zoo

The Best Place to Experience Wildlife In Dallas

Zoos are the premier place for people of all ages to experience the vast wildlife of the world. It is especially true for those living within a city such as Dallas, Texas. In the city, the only animals you will see are pets, birds, and rodents. These animals are populous and can be found in most places in the world. However, the animals in zoos are often rare and beautiful — animals that you can only find in some parts of the world. They are brought to these zoos for protection and care and allow the public to appreciate their beauty.

The Dallas Zoo is the largest zoological park in the entire state of Texas. It remains one of the greatest wildlife experiences in the United States of America because of its wide display of animals and the encounters you can have with them.

Animals in the Dallas Zoo

Exploring the wildlife of the Dallas Zoo is one of the best things to do in Dallas. The zoological experience found within it is world-class and one of the industry leaders. The zoo itself is divided into three different areas, with a children’s zoo added on the side. The three major areas of the Dallas Zoo are the Wild of Africa, the Giants of the Savanna, and the Zoo North. The zoologists that care for the animals are present to give you information about them in each area. Exploring these three areas is one of the best events in Dallas.

Main Attractions

The main attraction in the Wilds of Africa is their famous gorilla research station. Gorillas are notoriously smart animals that share many of the same emotions as humans. The gorillas here are researched and trained with a lot of cool tricks.

The Giants of the Savanna is known for its large animals. The elephants are found here, and they are given an entire area for them to roam. Another favorite is the lions’ area, where guests can see these apex predators in action and watch their encounters. However, the main attraction here is the giraffe exhibit, where guests can get close to them and even feed them.

The last main area is the Zoo North region which is filled with jungle and forest wildlife. People go there to see the beloved tigers in the tiger viewing building. In the Zoo North region, Zoo guests can watch the primates swing around and even interact with them. The “Animals in Action” center is found here, and guests can even have birds fly onto them if they like. The wildlife here is truly diverse and wonderful for everyone fortunate enough to visit.

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