Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

When you are the kind of person who loves to learn about things individually or with your kids and spouse, then you can surely learn a lot of interesting things when you visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. This fantastic, top-quality museum houses many collections of zoological objects, biological objects as well as geological objects. Thus, the purpose of this museum is to increase your knowledge regarding science and history that are pertinent to this region of Fort Worth, Texas.

As a result, you will gain a deeper appreciation of the science, art as well as history of various objects. In addition, you will realize just how much effort goes into the preservation of the various items that are displayed at the museum. Truly, this museum makes the effort to display all items in a manner that is highly aesthetically pleasing, which makes people want to engage with the various exhibitions as much as possible.

It was back in the year of 1939 that this museum first had its roots concerning the commencement of its founding. This is because the Administrative Women in Education of Fort Worth engaged in conducting a study about museums for children. This local council of women had a desire to establish a museum for children in the region of Fort Worth. There was the filing of a charter then in the year 1941. However, four more years passed until the museum could physically be established. With the intervention of the school board of Fort Worth, there was the official opening of the museum in the year of 1945. The De Zavala Elementary School had designated two rooms that were to be used for the museum.

There are several times that the museum has grown and been rebuilt. This is due to the fact that it kept expanding with a need to be able to provide more space for more exhibits and collections that the public was interested in. Finally, there was the creation of the current building, which took place in the year of 2006.

The museum demonstrates architecture that is truly innovative due to the fact that it tends to have a blended style that suits other institutions in the area well. It also has a plaza that is expensive and has an ambiance that is similar to campus. At this present time, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is pleased to feature Energy Blast, Innovation Studios, The Cattle Raiser’s Museum, the Children’s Museum, Dino Dig as well as Dino Labs.

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