Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is situated in the southern region of the city center of Fort Worth near the end. You can find it located in close proximity to the Fort Worth Convention Center in the middle of Commerce Street and Houston Street. This destination is located on 1.7 hectares and is impressively beautiful.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens are noteworthy for being created by the well-known architects of New York by the names of John Burgee as well as Philip Johnson back in the year of 1974. Thus, the Fort Worth Water Gardens have been adding elegance and pleasure to the region of Fort Worth, Texas for forty-seven years.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens were presented to the City of Fort Worth as a dedicated gift. The Amon G Carter Foundation was the organization that granted this donation to the city. These water gardens are noted as being glorious urban park that is truly welcoming, as these amazing water gardens act as an oasis to provide pleasant cooling in the midst of a city that has much hot concrete.

Many people enjoy the various focal points of the Fort Worth Water Gardens. There are three pools of water that many people enjoy frequently. Then there is an intriguing knoll that is terraced This terraced area acts as a shield for this lovely park by shutting out the remainder of the city, which adds to the much-appreciated privacy of the place. This is why many people find that it is a wonderful place to relax and de-stress for a while from the hectic pace of their day and life.

One of the pools is noted as being a quieter area of the park. This pool of water is surrounded by stately cypress trees and tall walls, which feature water that flows down the walls to reach the feature of the blue sunken water pool below. The water that cascades down the walls make the sound similar to when it is raining gently, which adds to a deep sense of relaxation and de-stressing.

Then there is another pool that offers a wide expanse of aeration. It has splendid spray fountains that are illuminated. This pool is situated under an expansive cluster of oak trees, which make the place majestic.

Finally, the third pool provides an experience that is considered to be interactive. This is based on the fact that there is water that pours down terraces of thirty-eight feet to reach below a pool that is small in size. People are able to travel down the steps of the terraced area where they will enjoy the fantastic movement and sound of water surrounding them, which is sensationally powerful.

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