Fort Worth Zoo

Located at 1989 Colonial Parkway in Fort Worth, Texas, the Fort Worth Zoo is tagged as the Number One zoo in the USA because of its amazing 500+ animals species, its wonderful environment or habitat for the animals, and it's fun and exciting programs for the visitors, especially for the families.

Currently, the Fort Worth Zoo is home to 540 species of animals, including 172 ectotherms, 148 birds, and 72 mammals. There are 11 animal exhibits in the zoo that are open for visits including the Toyota Children's Ranch and Petting Corral, African Savanna, Elephant Springs, Australian Outback, Flamingo Bay, Museum of Living Art, Parrot Paradise, Penguins, Raptor Canyon, Texas Wild!, and World of Primates.

With the mission to fortify the bond between the environment, animals, and humans through the promotion of wildlife stewardship, education, and resource management, the Fort Worth Zoo aims to uphold its three main principles: 1) Conservation, 2) Education, and 3) Recreation.

The Fort Worth Zoo has lots of amazing programs for visitors from all walks of life. Since everyone is still advised to stay at home, the Zoo has been holding Virtual Programs, wherein they bring the zoo to families at home via a Virtual Tour. This is surely a unique experience that could be enjoyed by the entire family at home.

But being physically present at the zoo is still the best experience and the Fort Worth Zoo has been making sure to keep all animals, staff, and visitors safe throughout the activities. The Zoo conducts programs such as Animal Outreach, Camps, Fieldtrips, Homework Help, Overnights, Home School, Preschool, Teachers, and Texas Nature Traders. You can also check out their event calendar for upcoming events at the Zoo.

Most importantly, the Fort Worth Zoo also has its Adoption and Conservation programs. The Adoption program allows people to take care of adopted animals and to make sure they are loved all throughout their life. The Conservation program ensures that the zoo, its animals, and its resources are conserved and taken great care of through helpful projects and collaborations.

Due to the current health adversity, the Zoo only accepts advance reservations from members and non-members. Visitors and members are all required to wear masks and to follow health and safety protocols in the Zoo. The Zoo is open 365 days a year from morning to afternoon with varying time schedules. Get updated with their admission hours when you visit their official website (

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