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Anyone looking for a modern metropolis for a quick city break should certainly consider Frisco for their urban getaway. The city is located in Texas, forming part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and is quite close to other key tourist areas in the state.


Frisco, despite appearing to be a contemporary city, actually has an interesting history. It is home to Preston Road – one of the oldest north-south roads in all of Texas. Preston Road earned its name from Preston Trail, which was originally used by the initial settlers and American pioneers that came to make their homes in the Dallas area, with the trail becoming useful for cattle drives through the state. Later, the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and when the residents were granted permission by the U.S. Postal Service to give a name to their new township, they chose “Frisco City” in honor of the railway.


Fortunately, Frisco is in a prime location for sunny weather. There are an estimated 230 sunny days per year. However, it would be ill-advised to visit in July, when the temperatures can reach a soaring 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the climate here is fairly humid, which adds to the feeling of heat.

But for people seeking to escape cold weather, Frisco might just be perfect!


Frisco is home to the Dr. Pepper Ballpark, a baseball stadium that seats 10,600. The stadium has a unique architectural design, having received the Texas Construction award for Best Architectural Design in its inaugural year of 2003.

Amongst the many other venues located in Frisco, Pizza Hut Park not only hosts sporting events but also concerts. Frisco is a hotspot for Texas sporting teams, with the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Stars having moved their headquarters to the city to make use of the many practice facilities. In fact, the Dallas Stars practice at the Dr. Pepper Arena, while the Dallas Cowboys practice and sometimes play at Ford Stadium.

Other sports that are played here include soccer, with the Major League Soccer team FC Dallas taking up residence at Toyota Stadium. Minor league baseball also has a presence here, while basketball fans can catch a Texas Legends game.

Tourist Attractions

There is a wealth of tourist attractions for visitors of all kinds in Frisco. The National Videogame Museum is a popular attraction to learn about the history of videogames and their industry. This attraction is fairly new, and includes an array of classic arcade games in well-thought-out exhibits that mimic different gaming settings.

Another well-loved museum is the Frisco Heritage Museum, which puts on display the all-American history of the city in a fairly small area. It only takes a few hours to visit, but it is worth it to take in the story of how this city grew from a travelling township.

Appreciators of art can visit the Texas Sculpture Garden, which visitors often describe with epithets such as “beautiful” and “wonderful.” Frisco also boasts an array of other activities, including golf courses, a Sci-Tech Discovery Center, shooting ranges and shopping locations such as the Stonebriar Center.

In general, Frisco is an incredible tourist attraction for people wanting to visit a new, unique place.