Plano TX has been ranked both as a Top 100 Best Place to Live and also its central district as a Top 10 Downtown. It has authentic Texas cuisine all over. You have more than 700 restaurants to choose from and both residents and visitors just have too much to choose from.

This northern Texas city is also a cultural center. It has the Heritage Farmstead Museum which has a restored 19th-century farm setting with the original tools and furniture, and a simulated 1895 schoolroom. If you want to know about the history of the Texas Electric Railway, visit the Interurban Railway Museum and get to see a vintage rail car. Northeast of Plano is Southfork Ranch which was made famous by the TV series Dallas.

It has a reliable claim to belonging in the Top 10 Downtown because of a light rail station linking Plano with Dallas. It ignited downtown Plano's boom with new office and retail spaces and restaurants. Job hunting should be a breeze because Plano is the corporate location of companies such as Frito Lay, J. C. Penny, Legacy West, Toyota, and Pizza Hut. Plano has a high median annual income and a high-growth job market. Plano is also known as an ideal place to raise growing kids. They are well set for adulthood in their tender years due to the existence of 4 full-service libraries.

If you want to be in tune with nature, Plano provides that too. It has 84 parks in its entire expanse, with a bustling schedule of outdoor and recreational activities. Plano is a city of flat plains, so you enjoy the hilt the interconnected bike trails with fascinating large trees in the various parks.

Plano is only 20 miles north of Dallas. So it could be considered a suburban Dallas area with a high quality of living for its residents.

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