White Settlement

White Settlement is a city located in the state of Texas, United States. This city is specifically located in Tarrant County. As of the 2010 population census, this city had a total population of 16,116, and a population density of 1,235 people per km². However, a population census was also conducted in 2019, and it was determined that this city had 17,850 inhabitants. Also, according to The United States Census Bureau, White Settlement has a total area of 13 km².

Short History

Mainly, believe it or not, the city was called "White Settlement" in the year 1840. A very important fact is that this city has that name because it was the only settlement of white settlers. However, in 2005 the community recommended a change in the name of this city to attract more business. The community plans to change the name to "West Settlement". But, this decision was rejected by the vast majority of the community. One of the oldest streets in this city is called "White Settlement Road", actually this road is a path that led up to a white settlement. Literally, that white settlement was one of the first constructions of this city. That area of the city was called "white" because it was the main place where the white settlers rested.

What Does This City Offer?

This city has amazing attractions that you should visit. Mainly the city has an excellent historical museum called "Texas Civil War Museum" this museum has the ability to explain many things that happened in the Texas Civil War. This museum was inaugurated in 2006. Of course, the main collection of this museum is military costumes and accessories. But, that is not the only museum that this city has. White Settlement also has another museum that shows the history of this city. Besides, you can also visit the park called "Veterans Park", this park is very big, and you can do any kind of activity outdoors and in green areas.

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