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    Ryan Ford

    1 review

    a year ago

    Sofia Mktg has been so great to work with. These guys are wizards at SEO and internet marketing. They even know all the social media platforms inside and out and how to get the best results. Thank you Jim & your team for being so great!

    Danielle Wheeler

    6 reviews

    a year ago

    Sofia Marketing has helped grow my business! They have steadily been raising my production company in google search rankings and I am on the top of the page for almost every search term now. They run and managed google ads for me which lead to about 90% of my sales! They also run Facebook ads for my company which not only get tons of engagement but quality leads. I have sold several jobs from the Facebook ads and have seen a very real ROI.

    Tony Street

    4 reviews

    1 months ago

    These guys really are the best at SEO. They are my 6th and last SEO company I have used in the last 10 years. They are results driven and do a great job with reporting the analytics so that you can understand how SEO works and it also gives you a good idea of your ROI. I highly suggest them.

    How Our Web Design Process Works

    Sofia Marketing provides website design from the best and brightest website designers. Our experts carefully craft websites that create an amazing user experience, are SEO friendly and represent your brand perfectly.

    Most website projects will follow these steps.

    A Web Design Company Dedicated to Our Clients

    As experts in website design and digital marketing practices, We know it’s all about finding the right digital marketing strategy that translates into a great ROI. Today search engines prefer websites that offer their visitors an excellent user experience. For a decade we have provided businesses with custom-built websites that have proven to be a great foundation for their internet presence. Let's talk about building your perfect website today.

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    What You Get When You Book A Web Design Project

    At Sofia, We customize your web design project based on your needs. We make sure to work with you to find what services work best for your brand. Here are some of the basic steps included in creating a new website or redesigning a website.

    Your Website’s Mockups

    Our team of website designers develop a few example pages for you to review. These pages are designed based on your logos, brand colors, your initial ideas. This is the brainstorming phase of the project. These mockups are a great way to inspire ideas and get both the website designer and client on the same page.

    Responsive Website Design

    One of the most crucial parts of a website is its ability to be responsive over every device, operating system, and web browser. With the rise in mobile searches, a website can’t afford to have a site that isn’t compatible. That is why we have developed the best practices when it comes to responsive website design. We make sure that your website looks professional no matter what.

    Graphic Design

    A website is more than just words on a page, it’s also the eye-catching visual components that seem to bring a page alive. That is why our website designers work with you to create visual elements to perfectly represent your brand and its message. Whether big or small, adding graphical components to your site is a must to keep visitors engaged.

    Website Auditing

    Even if a website looks great it also must have good performance metrics in order to rank higher in SERPs. These performance metrics include things like site speed, time to start render, requests per second, and error rate. Since these technical factors are so important to search engines we make it a priority to thoroughly check and fix any technical issues.

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    Want more traffic to your website? Want to rank #1 in SERPs? Want to increase your online sales?

    ​At Sofia Marketing, we offer a multitude of digital marketing services that will are sure to take your business to the next level.

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    The Benefits of a Custom Website

    Boost Search Rankings
    Reach More Customers
    Optimized Page Experience
    Drive More Conversions
    Improve Brand Reputation
    Acquire More Leads and Traffic
    Improve SEO Rankings
    Better Customer Service

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    At Sofia Digital Marketing we provide a wide range of digital marketing services to bring your business to the next level. We provide SEO, PPC, content writing and more.

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