Primarily, Burleson is a city located in the state of Texas, United States. Specifically, this city is located in the counties of Tarrant and Johnson. Thanks to a population census conducted in 2010, it was determined that this city had an estimated population of 36,920 inhabitants, and a population density of 543 km². Also, thanks to research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, this city has a total area of 67.53 km². That area is divided into 67.36 km² of land and 0.25% of the total area is water.

Short History

This city has an incredible history. Also, firstly it is important to mention that this city was founded on October 10, 1880. Actually this city was founded thanks to a railroad that was under construction. Actually the depot that was built, actually it is called "Old Town" Burleson. Then, in 1882, only two years later, some essential public services were built in the city. But, unfortunately, in the year 1895 a terrible fire occurred that burned a large part of the city. To extinguish that fire the whole community of this city had to use a water reservoir. After that accident, many farms were built in this city. In 1930 the total population of Burleson was only 531 people, but this number increased dramatically thanks to the appearance of automobiles. But, as a result of "The Great Depression" many people left the city.

What to Do In This City?

This city has many unique antique attractions in the world. We recommend you to visit the attraction called "Burleson Visitor Center", that attraction is a kind of "museum" that explains many interesting objects, clothes of the ancient times, really very interesting. The Burleson Visitor Center has two large trains. One is a lounge train and one is a freight train. Both trains have been renovated, and are really worth looking at.

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