Finding your business on the second page of a Google search can be very frustrating. You’ve poured time, money, and energy into your business and just can’t seem to get the recognition you need.

It’s more likely than not that the majority of your leads and sales come from Google searches. This means that finding an efficient digital marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Higher rankings in Google will very quickly make you a fierce competitor in your industry. The higher you rank, the more eyes you catch and the more website visitors you receive.

Maintaining a high ranking on Google is not easy.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms. This changes the game, making it much more competitive to remain at the top of page 1 organically. In recent years, Google ad buying has become the only way to ensure a spot on the top of the first page in a search. In other words, companies often have to out-spend their competitors to be seen on Google consistently, even if potential clients (customers, partners, etc.) search the name of the brand.

Because Google is turning into a monopoly for digital advertising platforms, it is becoming very expensive for people to compete in the ads. Companies and research platforms from around the world have been targeting the search engine and attempting to somehow slow down its success. 

What if we told you there’s hope?

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