Content is Key

Branding Video

Of course, high quality, artistic video production like this is very good for your company’s brand image and could work great as a tv commercial or on your website’s homepage BUT that is not why you are here. You are here to learn about how to monetize video assets that you can create yourself and use them to grow your business. If you want to produce a super high quality video, check out our amazing friends over at Prelude Films who created this video.

Content Video

Here is an example of a video created by one of our clients, Marcus McCrary owner of DFW Fence Contractor LLC. When we first started with Marcus he already had a lot of video assets like this in his YouTube channel but he wasn’t leveraging them on his website. We realized this and implemented the strategy described below to help him improve his rankings and get more organic traffic to his website. This strategy(paired with our usual SEO tactics) increased his web traffic by over 30% year over year which ultimately increased his overall revenue 30% as well.

The Strategy in Detail


Requirements and Recording

This strategy only requires you to have a Youtube channel and a website on which you are able to add pages and make edits. First thing you need to do is just start recording some simple videos. You may want to do a little bit of planning ahead of time just so you can have a subject for the video and have some plan as to what you will say and what you will capture in the video. It doesn’t have to be perfect.Remember, we’re going for quantity not quality here. Record as many videos as you can for different subjects relevant to your business.

Optimizing and Uploading

After recording, save the video to your computer as the keyword or topic you want to optimize.(For example, “dfw-fence-contractor.mp4”) Then, upload the video to Youtube, and include the Youtube title in the video as well. In the description, you guessed it, include the keyword you are targeting here as well. Also drop a link to the page from step 3 so that Youtube and Google can easili make the connection and give credit to your website.



Page Creation and Video Embed

Now that you have your video in Youtube, the rest is easy. Create a page on your website and include your keyword in the URL, page title and h1 heading. On this page, you will embed the Youtube video from step 2 and add some simple written content to the page. For the written content, you can write something short(500 words) about the topic, or you can even get the video transcribed and just use this as the page content.


Now you are done! Sit back, relax, and watch as your page crawls up the Google search results page. If the page doesn’t get ranked, don’t worry, that is why we recorded many videos. One of them will surely rank and begin to drive more traffic to your website. More relevant traffic means more business so make sure your video topics are relevant to your business!

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