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Executive Summary

Texas State Fence, a leading provider of outdoor living and fencing solutions located in McKinney, Texas, faced a significant challenge in expanding its market presence in the Dallas area. Despite a strong performance in general metrics, the company needed a more focused approach to generate leads for their outdoor living and fencing services. This case study examines the strategies implemented to address this challenge and the remarkable results achieved through a targeted SEO campaign.


Texas State Fence recognized the need to enhance its digital marketing efforts to increase its lead generation in the highly competitive Dallas market. The primary objectives were to:

Boost organic traffic, the most valuable source of web traffic.

Increase conversions through form submissions and phone calls.

Improve local SEO to target the Dallas area more effectively.


The company embarked on an aggressive SEO campaign with the following key strategies:

Organic Traffic Enhancement

Understanding that organic traffic is the highest quality traffic, efforts were made to optimize content and improve search engine rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

To increase conversions, the website was optimized for user experience, ensuring that potential customers could easily make inquiries or request services.

Keyword Targeting

A focused approach was taken to improve rankings for specific, high-value keywords related to their services in the McKinney area, intending to replicate this success in the Dallas market.

Local SEO

Local SEO tactics were employed to ensure that the company appeared in local searches, which are crucial for service-based businesses like Texas State Fence.


The SEO campaign yielded impressive results:

Organic Traffic:

Increased by 43%, indicating a higher quality of website visitors.


Rose by 49%, demonstrating a compelling call-to-action and user engagement strategy.

Page 1 Rankings:

Improved by 122%, jumping from 58 to 129 Page 1 rankings.

Keyword Visibility:

For targeted keywords, "Fence Installation McKinney" climbed from position 52 to 9, and "Fence Builder McKinney" from 67 to 6, marking a 414% increase in keyword visibility.

Organic Traffic Increase

Keyword Increases

#1 Position in Map Pack


The strategic SEO initiatives undertaken by Texas State Fence led to a significant improvement in their online presence and lead generation in the Dallas area. By focusing on organic traffic, conversion optimization, and local SEO, Texas State Fence not only met its objectives but also set a new standard for its digital marketing efforts.

Future Recommendations

To sustain and build upon this success, it is recommended that Texas State Fence:

  • Continues to refine their SEO strategy with an emphasis on hyper-local keywords.
  • Monitors and adapts to the evolving search trends and consumer behaviors in the Dallas area.
  • Explores additional digital marketing channels to complement their SEO efforts.

This case study is a testament to the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in the competitive landscape of outdoor living and fencing services.

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