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    Ryan Ford

    1 review

    a year ago

    Sofia Mktg has been so great to work with. These guys are wizards at SEO and internet marketing. They even know all the social media platforms inside and out and how to get the best results. Thank you Jim & your team for being so great!

    Danielle Wheeler

    6 reviews

    a year ago

    Sofia Marketing has helped grow my business! They have steadily been raising my production company in google search rankings and I am on the top of the page for almost every search term now. They run and managed google ads for me which lead to about 90% of my sales! They also run Facebook ads for my company which not only get tons of engagement but quality leads. I have sold several jobs from the Facebook ads and have seen a very real ROI.

    Tony Street

    4 reviews

    1 months ago

    These guys really are the best at SEO. They are my 6th and last SEO company I have used in the last 10 years. They are results driven and do a great job with reporting the analytics so that you can understand how SEO works and it also gives you a good idea of your ROI. I highly suggest them.

    How Our Web Design Process Works

    At Sofia Marketing we employ only the most talented and creative web designers to create custom websites for our clients. When designing webpages, we ensure that they are search engine optimized, provide a fantastic experience for users, and accurately portray the client's company values.

    These are the typical processes involved in building web pages.

    A Web Design Company Dedicated to Our Clients

    As experts in digital marketing and website design, we know that the key to success in digital marketing is developing a plan that yields an excellent return on investment (ROI). Search engines provide preferential treatment to websites that provide a better user experience to their site visitors. We have been offering companies custom-built websites for the last ten years, and these sites have consistently shown to be a solid basis for our client's online presence. Let's have a conversation today about making your ideal website a reality.


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    What You Get When You Book A Web Design Project

    Here At Sofia Marketing, our team tailors your website design project to every specification. We collaborate to determine which solutions are optimal for business branding. These are fundamental processes in developing a new webpage or redesigning an existing one. Our staff has outstanding years of expertise and is excited about collaborating with companies that have been trying to expand their brand in the online world with both small and extensive resources. Our clients come from various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and service.

    Your Website’s Mockups

    You are welcome to review the sample pages our web designers prepare for your website. These web pages may be developed using your logos, the colors of your business, and your ideas in mind. This part of the project is known as the "brainstorming" phase. These mockups are excellent for generating new ideas and ensuring that the customer and the website designer are on the same page.

    Responsive Website Design

    A website must be responsive on any device, operating system, or web browser. This is one of the most important aspects of web design. The increasing use of mobile search means that non-mobile-friendly websites can no longer afford to exist. This is why we've perfected our methods for creating mobile-friendly websites. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your website maintains a professional appearance across the board.

    Graphic Design

    There is much more to a website than just text on a page. A page's attention-grabbing visual components help provide the "pop" it needs. Our website designers will collaborate with you to produce visual components that exactly match your brand and the message it intends to convey. Regardless of how large or tiny they are, the addition of graphical elements to your website must maintain the interest of site visitors.

    Website Auditing

    A website must have solid performance metrics to rank better in search engine results, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it appears. The website's speed, the amount of time it takes for rendering to begin, the number of requests made per second, and the error rate are just a few examples of the performance metrics mentioned above. Nowadays, you simply cannot ignore the potential traffic you can acquire from the search engines such as Google and Bing. It's the reason why we give a high priority to ensuring that your website passes comprehensive checks. This ensures that any technical issues that may hurt your website's search engine rankings are fixed.

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    The Benefits of a Custom Website

    Boost Search Rankings
    Reach More Customers
    Optimized Page Experience
    Drive More Conversions
    Improve Brand Reputation
    Acquire More Leads and Traffic
    Improve SEO Rankings
    Better Customer Service

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    At Sofia Digital Marketing we take a customized approach to digital marketing to bring your business to the next level. Our services include SEO, PPC, web development, and more.

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