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These days, making sure your business has a website and can be found easily on the internet is extremely important. More people are looking on the web for information these days than in a phonebook or newspaper. Google searches are the most common way to find information and because of that, your internet presence is extremely important if you want to attract new customers to your business.


More and more, people are using mobile devices instead of desktop or laptop computers to do their online searching. Cell phones, various tablets, and iPods have become increasingly common. Because of this, making sure your website can be viewed on these mobile devices is of utmost importance. Many websites optimized for larger screens can be viewed on smaller ones, but often the content is cut off, too small to read, or hard to navigate.

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When you are trying to attract customers to your business, having a website that is mobile friendly can make all the difference. If a potential client finds your site on a Google search but cannot click on the “Contact Us” page because of any number of issues, they will most likely give up quickly and move on to a different site. On the other hand, if your website is easily navigable on a mobile device, potential customers may end up spending a good amount of time on the site, reading your content, learning about your business, and eventually making contact with you.

With the current trends in technology moving more and more towards mobile web browsing, now is the time to optimize your website for mobile viewing and interacting. Some choose to have different versions of the site, a mobile version, and a full version. Others might decide that they want an app instead of a mobile site, and still, others will elect a responsive design. Responsive websites are very practical because without sacrificing function, the entire site can be viewed on any number of devices. The site will be designed to take into account the size of the screen on which it is being viewed and optimize accordingly.

At Sofia Marketing, we are very in tune with current technological trends and we strive to provide the best possible sites for our clients. By implementing responsive design, we make your information accessible to as many individuals as possible, creating the highest potential for your business.


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