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Executive Summary

A leading women's online boutique partnered with Sofia SEO to boost its national profile in the digital fashion market. This case study outlines the successful SEO strategy that significantly increased organic traffic, revenue, and search rankings, especially for "women's online boutiques."


The women's online boutique aimed to:

Increase organic traffic nationally.

Boost revenue via enhanced online visibility and sales.

Achieve top SERP rankings for competitive fashion keywords.


The comprehensive SEO campaign included:

Organic Traffic Enhancement:

Targeted a 35% traffic increase by broadening national reach.

Revenue Growth:

SEO aligned with a 30% sales growth objective.

Keyword Ranking:

Improved "women's online boutiques" from rank 82 to 12.


The campaign achieved:

Organic Traffic:

35% increase, indicating greater national engagement.


30% rise, showing effective traffic-to-sales conversion.

SERP Visibility:

253% more Page 1 rankings.

Keyword Visibility:

224% improvement for the targeted keyword.

Organic Traffic Increase

Keyword Increases

#1 Position in Map Pack


Sofia SEO's national SEO campaign significantly improved the boutique's national presence and revenue. The focus on organic traffic, revenue, and keyword visibility surpassed initial goals, setting the stage for continued growth.


Future Recommendations 

To sustain and amplify this momentum, it is recommended that the boutique:

  • Continue refining SEO with a variety of fashion-related keywords.
  • Monitor national search trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Integrate SEO with broader digital marketing efforts.

This case study demonstrates the impact of strategic national SEO in the competitive online fashion industry.

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