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10 Ways to Get My Business Found on Google

It’s well established that going online can increase brand awareness and generate leads for businesses. However, these are benefits you reap only if the target audience can find your business on Google. In other words, you have to work on building a strong digital presence and rank high in the search results. So, how do you go about it?

Well, here are ways to get your business found on Google.

1. Register your business on Google

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful marketing tool to take advantage of to make your business discoverable on Google Search and Google Maps. GMB enables you to highlight your business’s best features or crucial information. It makes it easier for potential customers conducting local searches to find your products or services and engage with your business.

What’s great, setting up or claiming a GMB profile is free. After creating a GMB account, Google requires verifying your local business by email, phone, Search Console, or video recording.

And once verified, you can expect your business to show up across Google within a few weeks.

2. Optimize your GMB profile

Claiming your GMB listings isn’t enough. It is imperative to optimize your profile. In line with that, ensure you share current and accurate business information, including contact details, operating hours, address, and business overview.

Also, consider uploading photos frequently to improve the performance of your listings. According to Google, adding pictures on GMB listings can help attract 35% more potential customers to your site and receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps. 


3. Get customer reviews

Reviews build trust. They give potential customers an idea of what to expect from your business. Accumulating positive reviews will give your business a big credibility boost. The customer reviews also help with rankings.

Therefore, encourage customers to leave reviews and make it easier for them to do so. Google promotes that by allowing you to create a shareable link that clients can click to share their experiences.

Make an effort to respond to customer reviews. It is a sign that you value customer feedback. You will score points and improve your image.

4. Start on link building

Backlinks or inbound links are a top SEO metric. When an authority site links to content on your website, Google gets a signal that you’re providing readers with high-quality, credible, and relevant content. Inbound links also bring more qualified traffic and generate leads.

A great way to start your link-building journey is to submit your business to directories, especially review and rating directories like Yelp and InsiderPages.

5. Do keyword research

Keywords help the search engine crawlers or spiders identify and surface the content of a website page or profile. Through the keyword research process, you’ll know the phrases local customers search on Google to find the services or goods you offer.

As such, choosing the right keywords can help you target clients more effectively. You’ll reduce bounce rate, generate more leads, and stay ahead of your competition.

6. Create valuable content

Providing useful information can boost your engagement and conversion rates. Think about the needs or challenges of the target audience. Your aim should be to provide helpful insights, tips, recommendations, data, or solutions that can solve their problems.

Be informative, comprehensive, and follow Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) standards. Also, post your content consistently to stay top-of-mind with target customers.

7. Optimize your site for mobile

An increasing number of web users search on their smartphones and tablets to find information about businesses. Recent statistics show that 61% of Google’s U.S. organic search traffic originates from mobile devices.

Mobile-friendliness became a significant ranking factor in 2015. Therefore, optimizing a website for mobile devices is a must to get my business found on Google.

8. Take advantage of social media

Set up profiles across different media platforms to support your lead generation strategy. If used correctly, social media platforms can drive lots of valuable traffic to your website. Posting engaging content regularly and expediting your responses to user comments will keep your brand top of news feeds. It can increase your social signals (likes, shares, clicks, views, etc.).

The social signals tell search engines that your post is useful and relevant. Some of the best ways to boost engagement include asking open-ended questions, creating polls & surveys, hosting contests, and running giveaways.

9. Use YouTube

Nearly 86% of businesses have embraced video marketing. Video has become the most preferred choice for content consumption. It is easier to digest video content than written text. About 84% of people reported that they got convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Well, you can leverage the power of video content using YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Guess who owns YouTube? Google.

Google allows you to turn video viewers into web visitors and vice versa. You can post your video on YouTube and add a link to a relevant website page. Or, embed the YouTube video on your website.

10. Join local forums

Joining local forums provides you with an opportunity to interact with service or product users to understand their concerns, challenges, needs, wants, and expectations.

Community members are free to express their experiences or opinions about certain products or services. As a business, this can help identify the weakness areas to focus on improving.

It takes a lot of effort to get my business found on Google, but it’s all worthwhile. While this is not an exhaustive guide list, the insights and tips shared can make a difference in your online success.

Just a few Case Studies

Marcus McCrary

Owner – DFW Fence Contractor

Marcus McCrary

Plastic Surgeon – Diehl Plastics

Marcus McCrary

Head Chef and Owner of YO Ranch Steakhouse


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