Brisket & SEO: Surprising Similarities

Generating leads on Google, both organically and through paid ads, is much like cooking a brisket, and I’m about to tell you how.

Number 1: A Good Starting Point

A Good Brisket

One of the first ways that a Google optimization campaign is similar to cooking a good brisket is starting with a good brisket, starting with a good piece of meat, a prime cut of meat if not a select. And there’s ways to test and see if that piece of meat is a quality piece of meat to start with. You’re not going to end up with a good result if you have a poor cut of brisket.

A Good Offer and A Good Service

The same way with your business, it doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you can’t follow up with those leads. If you don’t have a good call to action, if you don’t have a good offer and a good service, then it really doesn’t matter about your marketing in terms of the end result and generating leads because you don’t have what it takes to scale and to sale, you know, to sell, so to speak. 

Number 2: Seasoning the Meat

The Basics: Salt and Pepper

Reason number two that an SEO Google optimization campaign is similar to cooking a brisket is the way that you season that meat. And I’m going to say with a good brisket that it’s the basics that matter. It’s not some crazy marinade or some crazy spice, it’s salt and pepper, and it’s the right amount of salt and pepper. I like to use mustard to hold that salt and pepper on that meat, but that basic seasoning ends up making that meat taste delicious.

The Basics: Good Keyword Research

And in the same way, an SEO campaign has to have the basics done right. It has to have keyword research done right. You need people that care and people that are going to take the time to really consider what keyword that you can be successful with in your SEO campaign, what keywords have high intent. That’s salt and pepper, those are basics. You need to have a plan that’s going to make the difference, a plan moving forward that’s going to get you ranked for those key terms. And that’s salt and pepper, those are basics. But typically, those are not done well and often times people get distracted in a brisket preparation, they think this or that is what’s going to make it great. It’s the basics that make it great.

Number 3: Maintaining the Brisket & SEO

Tender Care for the Brisket

Reason number three that a delicious brisket and a successful SEO campaign are similar is the reporting, is the checking, if you will, checking on the brisket. You can’t just fall asleep for 8 hours at a time. I’ve got to wake up in the middle of the night every few hours and double check that temperature, double check that meat. It’s cooking at 225, it’s cooking at 250. If I don’t, I don’t get the outcome that I want. I don’t have the meat prepared when I want.

Constant Monitoring of Organic Performance

The same way on a Google optimization campaign, you have to have excellent project managers that are on a monthly and a 90-day basis checking and reporting based on what’s working and what’s not, and then making adjustments. So, if things aren’t cooking, so to speak, on your SEO campaign, well then you need a little fire, you need a little something changed. And if you don’t have good reporting, you don’t have good communication, those changes and tweaks are not made on a monthly and a quarterly basis so that you have success.

Number 4: Attainable Objectives for Cook Time and Campaign Goals

How Long to Cook the Brisket?

The fourth and final reason why a delicious brisket is similar to a successful SEO campaign is, with the brisket, you’re going to know that you need an hour and a half per pound at 225. You’re going to know a 10lb brisket is going to finish at 15 hours.

Good, Attainable, SEO Objectives Over Time

Similar to an SEO campaign, you’re going to know what that low hanging fruit is. You’re going to know what objectives you need to meet at 3, 6, 9 months in order to meet those goals. Book a time with me and see if our services are a good fit for your business.