What is
National SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, consumers almost exclusively use internet search engines to find products and services. That spans everything from looking for a new spatula to finding a local doctor. A quick Google search provides users with instant results. Companies have taken notice, which is why SEO has become such a big deal.

SEO is all about helping a website or piece of content rank higher in search engine results. The most common search engine is Google, but SEO spans all engines. So how do you get a piece of content to rank higher? Well, that’s where the ‘optimization’ part of SEO comes into the picture. Search engines such as Google use complex algorithms to rank search results. You can tweak your content to stand out to these algorithms to rank higher.

What is National SEO?

There are a few different types of SEO. There’s local SEO, regional SEO, and national SEO. Local and regional SEO focus on geographical locations. An example would be focusing on keywords that include your town or state. (i.e., best barbers in New Jersey)

A national SEO company differs in that it focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms. In other words, you don’t use any geographical terms in your keyword phrases. The goal is to rank high for a targeted keyword nationwide and improve the visibility of your website on a national scale.

Core national SEO techniques include:

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What Are The Benefits of National SEO

Here are a few essential benefits of taking a national SEO approach:

Many of the search engine users will mainly click on the first link to appear. Thus if you want many users to visit your website, you need to ensure it appears on the top page. No matter how good your services or products are if they are not on the first page you will not get any visitors. A National SEO service will help your website to appear as one of the top links thus generating more traffic who may turn to be potential customers.

For any company to increase its sales, it will need to expand the market. National SEO will use broad keyword terms meaning the reach of your company will get extended to the worldwide level. Unlike a local SEO that will fetch customers from a particular geographical location, National SEO will expand your business to the whole world meaning you will be serving customers from all parts. Hence more customers means more profit.

Local and regional SEO techniques limit the amount of popularity you can obtain. Rather than focusing on a single area, national SEO will help you grow your brand popularity nationwide.

For the correct type of business, national SEO can work wonders. So if you want your business to have a strong nationwide presence, national SEO is for you.

How Much Does National SEO Cost?

On average, national SEO tends to cost $2,500 to $5,000 a month from a national SEO company. Of course, prices will vary depending on which company you use and the number of services you request. According to Joshua Lyons Marketing, national SEO can cost as much as $10,000 a month in some cases, but the figure listed above is more common.

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